Have you been wanting to increase your knowledge of your camera, know how to engage with your clients, and create a better workflow for yourself? I've been there so let's talk!

This program is meant to be as customized as you need it to be. We will focus more on what exactly you need. 

Why do I think that I am qualified to teach photography?!?

Well I'm glad you asked ;) 

I studied at The Academy of Arts where I focused on film and media. I then worked there after graduation for 2 years as Head Photographer and taught photography classes for college students. I have been doing photography for 10 years total! In 2017 I started focusing on building my own business and brand. 

What gear do I use? 

Well I currently have a Sony A7r mk iii. I use Canon, Sony and Zeiss lenses. I have Sigma adaptors for my cameras since the mounts for each brand of camera is different. I used to shoot on my Nikon camera, and I also used a Canon 5d mk ii while at The Academy of Arts.

What editing software do I use?

Lightroom all the way! I have taught myself over the years about all the many different tools and how they affect each photo!

I could keep going on and on, but I would rather talk with you in person. Fill out the form below and we can start talking!




10 one on one meet ups/ video calls

3 photo sessions for hands on experience (senior/portrait, couple, and family)

2 Lightroom Classic lessons covering workflow, editing tools and presets

1 portrait session for you

Walk thru of documents and resources I give my clients

Social Media marketing help

Follow/Intern at a C. Lyn Creations Wedding




3 one on one meet ups/video calls

     Focusing on how to use Manual settings

2 photo session for hands on experience




3 one on one meet ups/video calls

    Discuss booking sessions with clients, connecting with clients, and sending photos back

1 Photo session for hands on experience

Go over prompts and posing for photo sessions




3 one on one meet ups/video calls

Going over Lightroom Classic workflow, all the tools, and what they do





2 of these packages combined


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